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The Rodxa Group specializes in the strategic acquisition, development and management of investment property in tourist destinations. In particular, high rental property, land and areas in the Baja and Northeast region of Mexico.


Opportunities with The Rodxa Group extend from purchasing property; funding or co-funding development projects, to joint venture partnerships with developments and real estate portfolios.


The Rodxa Group offers investors, asset and fund managers of all levels, a reliable, turnkey solution to achieving a high return on their investment; through strategic in-house project management, sales, end-buyer finance, leasing and property maintenance programs. We specialize in finding assets which are being sold at lower than market value but with good sales potential after renovation or repositioning.


The Rodxa Group has established various bespoke debt and equity structures to accommodate most investors. From becoming the lender to real estate properties to investing in our very own Real Estate developments and projects; you get not only a guarantee return but also low-risk investments that are definitely worth considering.

Investing with us helps reduce your risk


We know that investing can be tricky enough as it is, and our clients love the fact that we minimize their risks when they invest. We’re able to do this through in-depth analysis of companies within our portfolio. When you want a safer way to invest, you’ll find that this is exactly what we provide.


Make the most with your investment.


We’re known for producing high yields on our clients’ investments. Investing doesn’t make sense if it’s not making money, and we work hard to ensure our clients make the most out of their investment. Not to mention, we provide each client with an in-depth progress report so that they can see how their investment is doing at all times.


Transparency is the key to success, and we hold it close.


All investors want transparency, but there are very few firms who can actually deliver it. We invest in ventures that present a high opportunity for our clients and provide consistent progress reports so that everyone knows how the investment(s) is doing. We’re dedicated to achieving success for our clients and prove this by keeping them informed of future plans as well.


We stay on top of the latest investment opportunities.


We constantly perform case studies on companies so that we can learn from the success and failure of others. This is one of the many ways that we’re able to maintain one of the most solid track records in the industry.

Transparency sis the key to success.


All investors want transparency, and by investing in The Rodxa Group projects we make sure we deliver and comply with this principle. We invest in ventures that present a high opportunity for our clients and provide consistent progress reports so that everyone knows how the investment is doing. We are dedicated to achieving success for our investors and prove this by keeping them informed of future plans as well. Perks of investing in The Rodxa Group projects:

Investing in Real Estate Projects is a solid investment.

Investing is easy, we do all the work.

Higher rate of return.

Convenience: We offer several diversified real estate and projects portfolios.


Minimum risk and good returns within the shortest possible turnaround time.

Secured loans backed by collateral

We welcome investors who are interested in invest

We welcome investors who are interested in investigating the possibility of participating in our projects. We offer our investors a wide choice of involvement from lenders, to equity investors or joint-venture partners in our projects.


To find out more about investment opportunities with our Group, please contact us.



Why become a private lender?


Traditional investment options do not meet the financial goals and needs of most investors; and If you add to that their low performance the excessive fees charged by banks and many investors are left in the red. That’s why more and more investors have chosen alternative investment options. This demand for alternative and creative investment strategies has driven private lending to rise.

Private lenders earn solid returns while minimizing their risk. At The Rodxa Group, you are connected to buyers of real estate properties who are looking to borrow money from investors. With real estate as a guarantee, your loan is secured by a real asset, which we can coordinate all the steps of these type of transactions. Our involvement removes the uncertainty that accompany investments.


As a private Lender – you become the bank -, you earn a solid return on your investment, while the borrower gains access to funding and still comes out ahead in comparison to traditional financing options. It also allows The Rodxa Group – Real Estate Division to sell more properties by providing financing options to qualified buyers.


The process is simple. We find qualified buyers for a property in the pre-qualified developments or tourist destinations – once you approve the terms – you deposit funds to an escrow account until closing. Then at closing, you receive a mortgage on the property along with other important legal documentation where the terms of the loan and payment schedule is set.



It’s a win/win opportunity for both the lender and borrower. You as the private money lender can benefit greatly from investing your capital. A real estate mortgage/deed provides you with all the security and legal instruments that you would not get with other investments.


Safe investment secured by real estate

A predictable income stream.

Borrowers takes the majority of the risk.

Buyer of a Property requests



We qualify the buyer.


Private lender funds the




Lender receives documentation

securing the


Property is purchased


Lender receives principal,

plus interest.




High returns on your money

No management costs to the investor.

If for any reason the lender must

foreclosure, the lender makes

even more money.


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